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My boss forwarded me this story about how BookSpring in Austin, Texas made an impact on one student and his school librarian. Read on…

I know we’ve talked now and again about my work at BookSpring. This story just was too touching not to share about our Reading is Fundamental program (RIF). Thanks for reading it, and if you have a chance to give a gift to a child this year, buy them a book (or two). It makes a huge difference.


From a librarian at an Austin elementary school:

Our children unfortunately move frequently. Part of the process of changing schools is the return of all library books. Last month a boy came into the library looking very sad. I tried to comfort him and showed him online pictures of his new school and his new librarian. He asked me again whether he had to turn in all his library books, couldn’t he at least keep one or two? He said “I sleep with them no matter where we are.” I shook my head. He opened his backpack and there were nine RIF books (along with his library books.) Joyfully, I explained that RIF books were forever gifts and library books were only borrowed. I hugged him goodbye and he left, smiling and clutching his backpack full of his forever books. Then I cried.

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